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More than your average genetic consult…

Based on over 700,000 genetic markers provided by the genetic testing company and, the Opus23 program, developed by Dr. Peter D’Adamo, performs analysis to determine risks towards cardiovascular, neurological, oncological, mental-emotional and gastrointestinal diseases, as well as, predispositions towards nutrient deficiencies.

Our genes are not set in stone. In fact, foods, herbs and nutrients that can be used sway genetic mutations by working on the tiny proteins, enzymes, the genes are coded to produce.

Dr. Sara Frawley is a recent graduate of the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine, a member of the Institute of Naturopathic Generative Medicine, a student of Dr. D’Adamo and an official trainer of the Opus23 software.  For only $449*, Dr. Frawley provides an Opus23 nutrigenetic consultation which includes a 15 minute phone consult previous to visit and a 45 minute visit focused on current health concerns along with a extension report and explanation of what is discuss ( OPUS23_ExampleClientReport.pdf (409 downloads) ).  As new genetic research comes to light, Opus23 can also be utilized in future visits with any physician.

*23andMe testing is a separate fee of $199 and is paid directly when purchasing kit on

Check out this sample report: OPUS23_ExampleClientReport.pdf (409 downloads)