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Dr. Sara Frawley

Dr. Sara Frawley’s personal journey has taken her from the clinical and analytical settings of organic chemistry laboratories to the healing experiences found in the herbal and apothecary shops of the Far East, the Northwest U.S. and the West Indies.  After being trained and working in product development for major consumer goods and biotechnologies firms, she turned her attention to learning Naturopathic Medicine and more about the ways individuals can help themselves live better and healthier lives.  

Local to the area, Dr. Frawley graduated with her doctorate from the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine.  Having learned from some of the most distinguished practitioners of the profession, Dr. Frawley was not only trained in the basics of Naturopathic Medicine, but also has applied its modern interpretation through genetic testing.  Whether it’s for prevention or treatment, genetic analysis can be utilized to truly determine the root cause of a disease.

Dr. Frawley most recent venture include a supplement company that supports other holistic practitioners. Ground Force Supplements is for the experts, by the experts. GFS’s first nutrient is an NAC powder developed by the naturopathic doctor, Dr. Keith Zeitlin.

Dr. Frawley has a long history in working with families and children in non-clinical settings, including decades of volunteer work for organizations such as the Central Connecticut Coast YMCA of Greater New Haven and Bridgeport.

No two individuals are alike. As a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Frawley’s goal is to help you better understand how your daily choices in diet and lifestyle can affect your short- and long-term health. Together, she will help you develop a personalized plan, not just another cookie-cutter health regiment for the masses.