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The Natural, Complementary Approach to Cancer with Integrative Oncology.

Did you know that you can use herbs and nutrients to support traditional cancer treatments such as radiation, surgery and chemotherapy? You can! 

There are some amazing herbs and nutrients that can help in the treatment of all different types of cancers and can also help in the prevention of side effects caused by chemotherapy and radiation. But this is tricky business. As a Naturopath, Dr. Frawley has been trained to be aware of drug-herb interactions and can help guide you with which supplements that are best suited for you while working along with your Oncologist’s treatment plan to help you maintain your energy and health during treatment. 

And just like everyone is an individual, every cancer is very individualized; in its treatment, its invasiveness and its cause. By understanding the genetics behind each cancer, nutrition and botanical medicine can be utilized to enhance conventional treatments and help to prevent future recurrence.